Indigenous community support program (ICSP)

About Us

ICSP is a community-based organization registered with the ministry of Gender, children and social development on 26th June 2019.

Indigenous community support program work to promote indigenous waata community through social, economic, cultural and political transformation in the four sub counties of Marsabit county.



 Our Programs

Capacity Building

Indigenous community capacity building - educating them on their rights as stated in the constitution (affirmative action)

Reviving ancient cultural festivals

Indigenous Community cultural festivals

Land Rights

Defending indigenous community land rights

Documentation and dissemination of historical information

1. Documentation of the historical information of indigenous people 2. Documentation of the historical information with relevant body

Environmental conservation

Educating indigenous communities on climate change

Development of Bio-cultural Community protocol

Capacity building of community on importance of Bio-cultural Protocol

International literacy day Celebration

Indigenous Women from the Waata Indigenous Peoples had  literacy program to celebrate the international Lliteracy day

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